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How to test the purity of honey at home

Honey producers should list all the ingredients the honey contains. If the honey is not pure natural, it should be written on the label, including the percentage of real honey, if any. However, there are many frauds, so here are 10 tricks that can help you determine if the honey is pure natural honey.

How to test the purity of honey at home


1. Rub a little honey between the forefinger and thumb until it falls apart. Some honey may be absorbed into the skin, which is good since pure honey is good for the skin. Natural honey is not sticky. If what you rub is sticky, then it has sugar or artificial sweeteners in it.

2. Place a few drops of honey on a paper or paper towel. Pure honey will not get through the paper for a long time..

3 Mix a little honey with egg yolk. If the honey is pure, when you whisk the egg yolk, it will seem like it's cooked.

4 Fill a glass with water and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Pure honey will coagulate and drop to the bottom. Fake honey will begin to melt.

5 Spread honey on a slice of bread. Natural honey will harden the bread in a few minutes. Artificial honey will moisten the bread because of the water content.

6 Real honey will give you a stinging sensation in the mouth just before swallowing. Fake honey can’t achieve this.

7 Look at whether the honey will crystallize over time. Imitation honey will stay as smooth as syrup, no matter how long it stood.

8 Dip in honey top of a match and try to ignite. Fake honey contains water so that a match can’t ignite.

9 Put in the microwave two to three tablespoons of honey. Preheat over high heat. Natural honey will soon caramelize and does not become foamy. Fake honey will be difficult to caramelize and will be full of bubbles.


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