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Moro carrot soup - Natural Remedy for Diarrhea - Professor Ernst Moro Carrot Soup

Moro carrot soup - Natural Remedy for Diarrhea - Professor Ernst Moro Carrot Soup

In the early XXth century diarrhea was the cause of death for many babies in Germany and in the whole world. 
Professor Ernst Moro (1874 - 1951) the head of the children's hospital in Heidelberg at that time, found out by experiment that a simple carrot soup decreased the death rate of babies suffering from diarrhea by nearly 50%.

Ernst Moro in 1904
Ernst Moro in 1904

A German study published in 2002[1] outlines that acidic oligosaccharides formed in aqueous extracts from carrots (carrot soup) may lead to less adherence of bacterial agents to the mucosal wall of the bowel, thus being a more effective treatment for acute gastrointestinal infections of children than glucose-electrolyte-solution oral rehydration.

In 2009, experiments showed that Professor Moro's Carrot Soup can cure diarrhea caused by bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.[2]

Even today the diarrhea is one of the main causes of death among children in developing countries. Many lives can be saved by using this simple recipe which can cure the disease almost as well as antibiotics.

How to prepare Moro's Carrot Soup:

1. Boil 500 grams of peeled carrots for a full hour and then purée them.
2. Add boiled water to make up a liter
3. Add 3 grams of cooking salt.

Consuming several portions of Moro's Carrot Soup daily, should help people recover from diarrhea - without antibiotics!

[1] Kastner, U; Glasl S; Follrich B; Guggenbichler JP; Jurenitsch J (2002). "Acid oligosaccharides as the active principle of aqueous carrot extracts for prevention and therapy of gastrointestinal infections". Wien Med Wochenschr 152 (15-16): 379–81. PMID 12244882.

[2]Karottensuppe nach Moro könnte auch EHEC lahmlegen

Youtube video: Preparation of carrot soup


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