A Pot-cover Rack such as shown in Fig. 153 provides the most satisfactory way of keeping these covers, as the one desired is always within convenient reach — which is never the case when they are piled up on a shelf or in a drawer.

Pot lid organizer rack - Wooden Pot-cover Rack Plans - DIY Projects

Figure 154 shows the pattern for the side pieces of the rack. Space the slots as shown, then cut along the sidelines of each slot with a saw and remove the wrood with a chisel. Notch the back edges as shown, and cut the two connecting cross-pieces 8 inches
long to fit in these notches.
Nail or screw the cross-pieces in place, and bore a couple of holes through the upper one so the rack may be hung up on nails in the pantry.

Excerpt from the book: "Handicraft for handy boys; practical plans for work and play, with many ideas for earning money" by Hall, A. Neely (Albert Neely), / Publication date 1911