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Albinism Definition - What is Albinism and What Causes Albinism?

Albinism is the lack of brown pigment - melanin, and a person with such property is called albino. The appearance of albinism can also be found in Africa.
Albinism may be partly inherited. Many people are not albinos, but passed the traits of albinism to their children.

What causes albinism?

The color of the skin, hair, eyes, etc.. in humans is the result of the interaction of various substances in the body.
One are the substances that form the basis of future color, and other are the enzymes that act on that basis.
If someone doesn’t has one of these two substances, or their relationship is disturbed, the result is albinism.
The name derives from the Latin word albus, meaning white.

Albinism symptoms

Albinos have pink eyes, because the red blood in the retina of the eye.
Albinos eyes are very sensitive to light. That's why they keep flashing and keep partially lowered eyelids.
Hair and body hair of Albinos are white.
Even the tissues in the body are white, such as brain and spinal cord.

Albinism exists not only in humans but also in animals of all species. 
It was also found in birds.
Albinos are probably white mice, rats and rabbits, which we all know. There are people who have seen albinos squirrel and even a giraffe albino!


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