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Bat hibernation - Do bats hibernate?

Do Bats Hibernate?

Not all bats hibernate, but only those living in places where during the winter months the insect prey becomes scarce, so the bats can’t support an active metabolism.
During hibernation, bats wake up every couple weeks, when they may move around and even fly short distances. 

What Is Hibernation?

In those parts of the world where some months of the year are very cold, mice and other small mammals hibernate. This means that they go into an inactive, sleep-like state for the cold period and only fully wake up when the weather turns warm again.
Hibernating animals breathe much more slowly and their body temperature falls. 
They also need much less food. 
They build up a thick layer of fat during the warmer months and use it up very slowly during hibernation.
A dormouse can sleep in its nest for up to nine months in a year. It may wake up at intervals during this time to nibble at its store of nuts and berries.

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