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Why do bats hang upside down?

 Bats fly more easily when they take off in the air, they use their front claws on their wings to climb to a high point and take off to fly. 

Unlike birds, bats have a hard time getting off the ground. 

Their wings are not as strong as those of birds and they cannot run fast enough to increase their speed. Insects and birds often actually jump into the air to give them a start in the right direction, then their powerful wings take them up, and away.

Bat hanging upside down on a tree

Photo: Pixabey...

Another reason bats hang upside down is that a bat's claws, or back claws, work in the opposite direction to most muscles. In fact, their knees are pointing back. When they relax, special tendons lock the toes and claws in place so that they don't waste energy when they are suspended. Once their toes and legs are locked, body weight and gravity keep them suspended. By flexing the muscles of the legs, the toes and claws loosen and the flight begins.

Bats can sleep safely in places where predators cannot catch them. To sleep, bats hang upside down in a cave or hollow tree, with their wings wrapped around their bodies. They hang upside down during hibernation and even after death.


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