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Trapping Wild Turkeys - The Coop Trap

How to make a wild turkey trap?

Fig. 222.—The Coop Trap.
The Coop Trap, shown in Fig. 222, can be used for trapping the larger variety of birds.
This is well known as an effective trap for wild turkeys.
It consists of a number of sticks piled up in the form of a pyramid and tied together as shown in Fig. 222.

Dig away enough of the ground under one side of the coop to allow a bird to enter, and then scatter some grain inside and a little in the entrance to attract the birds.

It may seem strange to the reader, but it is nevertheless a fact, that, after entering the coop, a bird will try to fly out of the top, and will remain there until starved to death, if not released, without attempting to escape by the way it entered.

Excerpt from the book -  THE BOY CRAFTSMAN - Practical and Profitable Ideas for a Boy’s Leisure Hours BY A. Neely Hall / With more than four hundred illustrations by the author and Norman P. Hall
Published, August, 1905.

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