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Why do People Sweat - What Causes Sweating?

Why do people sweat?

Let us imagine that our body is one perpetually lit stove.
The food that we take is the fuel that burns in our body.
During this process, the body takes about 2,500 calories.
This amount of heat is sufficient for 28.5 liters (7.5 gallons) of water to be heated to the boiling point.

What's going on with so much heat in our body?

If there was no temperature control, we'd probably be "hot."
But we know that our body temperature is 37 ° C (98.6F), except when we are sick.
Sweating is one way of ensuring the maintenance of normal body temperature.
If the temperature of the blood is increased, the center of the cooling comes into action.
The process of oxidation or burning substance slows down and something else that is important happens.
Blood vessels in the skin expand, and excess heat goes away trough the evaporation of perspiration. Therefore, for example, we feel cold after swimming, because the water that remains in contact with our warm skin evaporates quickly, and makes us colder.
Consequently, the sweating is part of the process of cooling the body.

Sweating is like a shower that washes the body. 

The liquid exits through a myriad of fine openings in the skin in the form of small droplets that evaporate quickly and rapidly cool the body - if necessary.
If in the air there is increased moisture, we will feel some difficulties because the water on our skin can’t easily evaporate.
Therefore, we are cooling ourselves with fan to "disperse" moist air and help the evaporation of sweat.

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