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What Causes Aging - When do People Stop Growing?

What Causes Aging?

When do People Stop Growing?

The newborn is on average 48-50 cm long.
Over the next twenty years, the body length is increased over three times and in a woman is about 160 cm and at males about 175 cm.
But the human then does not ceases to grow. It actually continues to grow, even after twenty-five years, and its highest altitude is reached in about 35 or 40 year.
What happens after these years? 
The man stops growing and starts to decrease. 
Everyone decreases after the age of forty, about 1 cm every ten years. Explanation for this decrease is the gradual loss of water from the cartilage in the joints of the spinal column.
Did you know that we are every morning higher than the previous night, and during the day we shorten?
The growth rate is also changed during the different seasons. Young children grow faster in summer than in winter.
Better food, better quality of life and a variety of other circumstances, make the today's generation, on average, higher than earlier ones.
Height growth depends on the work of four glands:
  • thyroid, 
  • pituitary, 
  • thymus and 
  • sexual. 
When these glands are working normally and there is an appropriate balance between their activities, growth is normal.
What Causes Aging - When do People Stop Growing

What causes aging - What is it that stops the growth?

The pituitary gland stimulates the bone growth. If this gland is over-working, hands and feet grow very large. If pituitary deficient work, the person remains a small in size - midget.
A child is born with a large thymus gland, which grows during childhood.
When the child is thirteen or fourteen years, the thymus gland is replaced by fat tissue.
At the end of the puberty in most people it is completely lost, and in its place remains fat tissue.
Such a reduction of the thymus gland falls at a time when sex glands begin to work.
A person who becomes sexually mature, which is later than the twenty-second year, ceases to grow.
 Sometimes the sex glands develop too quickly, and increase of the thymus gland slows down too soon. In such a case the person does not reach the average height. Since the legs grow later, but more than other parts of the body, in this early stage of development of the legs are short and people who prematurely develop often look dumpy.
Such, for example, looked Napoleon.
If the sex glands begin to develop late, thymus gland continues to work and such people reach above-average height.

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