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Humane Rat Trap - How to Make a Rat Trap

1. Humane Rat Trap

A boy, while playing in the yard close to a grain house, dug a hole and buried an old-fashioned fruit jug or jar that his mother had thrown away, says the Iowa Homestead.
The top part of the jug was left uncovered as shown in the sketch, and a hole was broken in it just above the ground.
The boy then placed some shelled corn in the bottom, put a board on top, and weighted it with a heavy stone.
Humane Rat Trap
Humane Rat Trap

The jug had been forgotten for several days when a farmer found it, and, wondering what it was, he raised the board and found nine full-grown rats and four, mice in the bottom.
The trap has been in use for some time and is opened every day or two and never fails to have from one to six rats or mice in it.

2. Live Mouse Trap

A piece of an old bicycle tire and a glass fruit jar are the only materials required for making this trap.

Push one end of the tire into the hole, making sure that there is a space left at the end so that the mice can get in.
Then bend the other end down into a fruit jar or other glass jar.
Bait may be placed in the jar if desired, although this is not necessary.
Live Mouse Trap

Excerpt from the book: THE BOY MECHANIC - VOLUME I - 700 THINGS FOR BOYS TO DO

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