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Decubitus ulcer - Pressure sore, Bedsore

Decubitus ulcer or also known as Bedsore or pressure sore, is a skin and tissue injury caused by impaired blood supply and tissue nutrition.
It is caused by prolonged pressure over bony prominences due to lying too long in the same position.
The parts of the body most likely to be affected are the pressure areas: the bone at the lower end of the spine (the sacrum), the buttocks, and the heels.
The shoulder blades and elbows may also develop these sores.
The area first becomes slightly red with cracked skin, which turns dark blue before ulcerating as dead tissues disintegrate.

Pressure ulcer prevention

Patients who cannot move themselves must be moved every few hours. Patients must not sit in bed or in a chair for long periods.
The patient should be lifted, not slid, when moved.
The skin is to be kept clean and dry.
Bedclothes must be kept clean, dry, and free from creases.
Additional protection can be given to the pressure areas by using foam pads and real or artificial sheepskin.
A variety of air mattresses and other types of beds are available to help prevent decubitus ulcers.
A well-balanced diet helps to prevent bedsores.

Pressure ulcer can be prevented by using variable pressure bed

Decubitus ulcer treatment

The patient should not lie on the ulcer, although this may be awkward.
The ulcer should be cleansed according to a physician's advice.
Specific ointments or dressings may be prescribed.
Care must be taken to turn the patient frequently to treat the bedsore and prevent new ones.
The sores generally heal over a period of time if they are carefully tended.
The best treatment, however, is prevention.

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