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The Ant and the Dove - Aesop fables

An Ant was speeding along on its three pairs of legs when, suddenly, it stopped.

"I'm thirsty," the Ant said aloud.

"Why don't you get a drink of water from the brook?" cooed a Dove perched in a nearby tree.

"The brook is close by. Just be careful you don't fall in."

The Ant sped to the brook and began to drink. But a sudden gust of wind blew the Ant into the water.

"Help!" cried the Ant, "I'm drowning!"

The Dove knew it had to act quickly to save the Ant.

With its beak, the Dove broke a twig from the tree.

Then the Dove flew over the brook and dropped the twig to the Ant.

The Ant climbed onto the twig and floated safely ashore.

Not long afterward, the Ant saw a Hunter.

He was setting a trap to catch the Dove. The Dove began to fly toward the trap.

The Ant knew it had to act quickly to save the Dove.

So the Ant opened its strong jaws and bit the bare ankle of the Hunter.

"Ouch!" the Hunter cried.

The Dove heard the Hunter and flew away to safety.

*   *   *

One good turn deserves another.

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