What do Earthworms Eat?

Earthworms usually live just below the surface of the soil.
As they tunnel through the earth, these segmented worms take in soil and small pieces of dead plants.
The plants are the earthworm's food. 
The soil passes through the earthworm's body and is pushed out at the other end in little corkscrew-shaped piles, called worm castings.
An earthworm moves by stretching out its body in front and then pulling in its back end.
Along its body are tiny hairs, called bristles, that stop the earthworm from slipping.
If you rub your finger underneath a large earthworm, you can feel these bristles.

Earthworms are useful creatures. 

Their tunnels allow air to reach the roots of plants, and this helps the plants to grow.
Earthworms eat leaves and other dead plant material in their tunnels.
The waste matter that they leave behind then rots or decays.
This decayed material adds nutrients to the soil.
Nutrients improve the condition of the soil for plants to grow.