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Grand Canyon of Colorado - one of the biggest phenomena on Earth

Grand Canyon of Colorado, in North America, is one of the biggest phenomena on Earth. 
In some places, it looks like a magical city built of rock, with temples, towers, and castles, gorgeous colors.

What is the weirdest, the Grand Canyon was created by a river! 

The water of the Colorado River had influenced over thousands of years on this magnificent gorge.
If we bear in mind the fact that the canyon in many places is carved in solid rock, then we can imagine how big the power of water is.

This is a continuous process and even today, the fast Colorado River is increasingly deepening the canyon.

How was the Grand Canyon Formed?
Horseshoe band - Grand Canyon

In some places the Grand Canyon is nearly two kilometers deep and wide is between 4 and 18 miles (7 - 30 km). 

As the river cuts deeper into the plateau to form the canyon, it forms the rocky canyon walls, which in this way, its very existence, tells the story of Earth, old story of hundreds of millions of years.

At the bottom of the canyon, near the river, the old crystalline rocks can be seen.
These are buried remains of the former mountain chain that capsized and which was exhausted by the atmospheric forces and water.

The creation and decay of this mountain chain, millions of years ago, it was discovered only because of the erosion of the Grand Canyon.

In this buried mountain chain there are layers of flint, sandstone, and limestone.
These materials were deposited for years when ocean waters from east and west flooded this area and when these entire mountain chains were created.
The proof of ocean waters on this area are the found fossils of sea life like shellfish and fish.

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