Alaska Facts - Interesting Facts About Alaska

  • First inhabitants of Alaska were Eskimo, Aleut, and Native Americans.
    Alaska was one of the last great destinations of the world that people white people have discovered and explored.
  • Russians came to Alaska in 18th century
  • In 1728, Vitus Bering a Danish navigator in the service of the Russian Navy, sailed to the east of the peninsula Kamchatka.
  • The second expedition, which consisted of two small ships, Bering led in 1741. One ship was called "Saint Peter", and it was operated by Bering. Another ship, "Saint Paul," was under the command of Aleksei Chirikov. During one storm, the boats were separated, but both later managed to make it to Alaska.
  • Two hundred years later, the Russian hunters and fur traders hunted along the coast of Alaska.
  • Later, the coast of Alaska was investigated by the Spanish, French and English sailors.
  • Alaska was used by the Russians as the source of the precious fur, so huge amounts of fur were supplied into the European capitals.
  • Due to this some animals which were used for the fur began to disappear, and around 1820 the Russians began to leave the coast of Alaska.
  • On 20 March 1867 the area of Alaska was sold to the United States for $ 7.2 million dollars (~200 million current dollars)!