What do plants need to grow?

Do you have any plants growing in flowerpots around your home?
Do you look after them?
How do you do this?
You probably keep the plants in a place where sunlight can reach their leaves.
And you probably water the soil regularly.
You might even occasionally add plant food to make sure your plants grow strong and healthy.

What do plants really need? 

Plants need sunlight and water. 
Plants also need minerals and nutrients to make them healthy. 
The soil in which the plants grow usually contains these minerals and nutrients.
Both indoor and outdoor plants need sunlight, water, air, minerals, and nutrients to grow strong and healthy.
Plants also need two gases from the air—oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Plants breathe oxygen in and out.
They use carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to help them make their food.
There is also air in the soil, which plants don't take in but which they do need for healthy growth.