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How tall is the average giraffe?

Many animals do not seem particularly strange to us when viewed. But because, as soon as we see the giraffe, we can see at first glance all its strangeness, probably because of its long neck.

The giraffe is without a doubt the tallest animal in the world. It is not uncommon for males to reach six meters in height (20 feet)! Its legs are extremely tall. And although her two pairs of legs are almost the same height, the front of her body is taller than the back and her back is lowered from neck to tail.

Giraffe among other savanna animals
The giraffe's head is small and narrow, while the eyes, black and gentle, give this huge animal a noble expression. Giraffe's very elongated ears are sensitive to the slightest noise. The highly developed hearing and odor senses are very significant features and help the giraffe detect danger.

Another particular interest in giraffes is their tongue, whose length is usually about 45 centimeters. The giraffe uses it very deftly; it rushes even the smallest leaves of barbed bushes without being stabbed!

If you've seen a giraffe on the move, you've certainly noticed that her stride looks more like a trot. However, despite this, a giraffe in a gallop by running can reach speeds of 50 miles per hour and is able to outrun even the fastest horse!

Although a very benign and calm animal by nature, the giraffe is a very persistent fighter in defense. She hits hard with her legs, and her head kick is very powerful. In attacking the giraffe, the lions themselves behave with caution.


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