How does a snake swallow an animal which is larger than its mouth?

The diameter of a snake's body does not usually exceed the size of a fist, but it can still swallow a large chicken or rabbit. The Southeast Indian or nettle python is one of the largest snakes in the world, it can swallow wild boar and even deer.
This is possible because the snake has very stretchy jaws, the shape of which is different from that of a human.
Our lower jaw joints with the upper one are at ear height. For snakes, there is one extra bone that connects the ends of the two jaws with a double hinge, allowing them to be very separated from each other. The snake swallows its victim whole, covered with hair, feathers, shells, horns and more. Before the snake swallows its victim, it kills it first, whether using poison or more often, clamps it with her body until she chokes it.

Because snakes teeth are bent backward, the snake must swallow the whole victim because it cannot chew or retrieve it.