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Geysers - How do geysers form?

Geysers look a lot like volcanoes. These are springs of hot water that giggle at certain intervals. They are caused by high heat in the Earth's interior. They meet in places where there were volcanoes in the recent past.

Water from the surface penetrates the rocks through cracks representing natural gutters; it penetrates deep and begins to heat due to the Earth's internal heat. In the same way, together with steam, water erupts back to the surface and builds a wonderful fountain when leaving the earth.

Geysers occur in the form of a long jet of water gushing out of the ground. This movement is constantly renewed. There are geysers in particular in Iceland, New Zealand, USA. In Yellowstone National Park, the most attractive geysers are located.
The most famous one is called "Old Faithful" and its booster jets break out at one-hour intervals.

In Iceland, geysers are very useful: they are used to provide hot water for the central heating of the residents of the capital, Reykjavik. This warm water is the cheapest way to heat greenhouses: Thanks to this, vegetable production is developed in Iceland. Icelanders can even grow bananas despite the harsh climate.

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