Square puzzle - How to make wooden puzzles for kids - Wooden puzzles plans

Of the pasteboard or white holly cut out eight squares of whatever size desired; divide four of them into halves by cutting them from corner to corner, so there are in all twelve pieces.
The puzzle is to form a square of these twelve pieces. The illustration shows how this is done.
When the puzzle is given to the little folks, no " key " should accompany it, but the children should try to put it together without help. If, however, you find they begin to lose interest, show them the first step, and encourage them to try to finish it by themselves.
Square puzzle - How to make wooden puzzles for kids - Wooden puzzles plans
There are great differences in children in this respect; some persevering and unwilling to be helped at all, while others become discouraged at the smallest obstacles and refuse to try. The latter should be encouraged by a little help, care being taken, however, that they do a considerable portion of the work themselves.
No doubt this " indolence," as it is sometimes erroneously called, is generally due to a weak physical condition, rather than to inferior mental powers. A child of this temperament, instead of being ridiculed by his more vigorous companions, should be encouraged and stimulated to action; and such games or puzzles as those contained in this book are just the things to accomplish this end.

Excerpt from the book: How? or, Spare hours made profitable for boys and girls by Holbrook, Kennedy / Publication date 1887 / Publisher New York, Worthington co.