Three boxes of exactly the same size, about 3 feet long, 12 inches wide, and 12 inches deep, are required for The Chiffonier shown in Fig. 199. A dealer in shoes or dry goods will most likely have boxes of uniform size.
How to build a simple cabinet box - DIY Projects

Set the boxes on top of one another as in Fig. 200, and then fasten them together at the four corners with strips 6 inches longer than the combined height of the boxes. Nail together the edges of the strips, first, then nail them to the boxes as shown in Fig. 199. The projecting ends of the strips will be the legs, so they must be of exactly the same length or the chiffonier will not rest evenly upon the floor. Fit horizontal strips to the front and ends of the boxes, between the leg strips, to conceal the joints between the boxes (Fig. 199); cut these to the exact width of the front edges. Figure 201 is a view of part of the bottom of the chiffonier and shows the leg strips in place and how the lower portion of the chiffonier is finished off, by nailing a strip-shaped similar to that shown in Fig. 202 across the front and a straight strip across the ends (see Fig. 199).

How to build a simple cabinet box - DIY Projects

Cut boards of the proper length to make a top with a projection of 1 inch over each end, and nail them to the top box so there will be the same projection over the front of the box. The drawers may be made out of boxes cut down to the proper size, or if you do not care to bother with doing this, you may hinge drop-leaves to the boxes in the same way that the writing-desk drop-leaf is put on (Fig. 183). Cut spools in halves for knobs (Fig. 203), and screw two of the halves to the face of each drawer or drop-leaf as shown in Fig. 199.
A mirror 10 by 12 inches in size, set in a wooden frame, can be used. To fasten the frame to the chiffonier, cut two uprights 16 inches long, taper one edge of each as shown in Fig 204, bore a 1/4-inch hole near the upper end as shown, and drive a nail through each hole into the exact center of each side edge of the mirror frame (Fig. 204). Nail or screw the lower ends of the uprights to the back of the top box so the mirror will be exactly in the center of the chiffonier top and about 3 inches above it. Shape a piece similar to that in Fig. 205, and fasten it below the mirror to the mirror-frame supports as shown in Fig. 199, and your chiffonier will be ready for finishing.
After making your box furniture either stain it with an oil stain or give it two coats of paint.

Excerpt from the book: "Handicraft for handy boys; practical plans for work and play, with many ideas for earning money" by Hall, A. Neely (Albert Neely), / Publication date 1911