The table top of Barrel table (Fig. 197) should be about 30 inches square and made of three pieces of boards 10 inches wide. Cut the boards to the proper length and lay them upon the floor side by side.

Barrel table plans - DIY Projects

Place the barrel bottom end up upon the exact center of the square formed by the boards, then cut the cross battens B of the right length and nail them to the boards close against the side of the barrel, fit the strips C between them close to the sides of the barrel, and cut the triangular corner blocks shown to fit between the strips and the barrel. Turn the barrel right side up again, nail two pieces of 2-by-4 in the open end as shown at A in Fig. 198, and nail the top to these cross-pieces.
By covering the top with a piece of heavy wrapping-paper and then tacking a piece of table oilcloth over the top and edges, you will have a smoother table; any unevenness may be padded out with paper before the oilcloth is put on.

Excerpt from the book: "Handicraft for handy boys; practical plans for work and play, with many ideas for earning money" by Hall, A. Neely (Albert Neely), / Publication date 1911