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Is there a proof of the actual existence of giants?

We all know there are Pygmy peoples whose average height is unusually short.
But does some human group have considerably higher growth than the average, such as the Pygmy are lower than the average and do giants exist?

No giants do not exist and there is no proof they ever had.

The height of people is different in different parts of the world. Some people are low in growth like the Eskimos and some Indian tribes in South America. People of some tribes in the eastern part of Africa have an average height of 185 cm and above. But they are not giants. 
Actually, the giants seemed to exist only in fairy tales. In many parts of Europe and Asia, there are stories of giants who lived in ancient times, but there is no scientific evidence that such people have ever really existed. 
Still, we've all seen giants appearing in circuses and fairs. 

How did some people become so tall?

Unfortunately, it's usually people who suffer from an abnormal appearance of their body. In most cases, it is a disorder of one of the most important human body glands, the pituitary gland.

The pituitary gland regulates the work and growth of many organs. Sometimes a tumor is created that increases this gland. As this is increased, the gland produces a larger number of hormones than it is normal. One of these hormones is the growth hormone which affects the size of the body and skeleton. When the release of this hormone is greater the bones continue to grow. Such a person can reach a height of 245 cm. This state is known as giant growth. But such a person is only divine because something irregularly happened to his/her body.


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