What is the difference between Hurricane and Tornado?

Storms have different names, and they are gained depending on the nature and place of their origin. 
The hottest and most dangerous storms are hurricane and tornado.
Hurricanes are storms that occur in the tropics. In the United States, they appear in areas bordering the Gulf of Mexico and along the East Coast.
However, the same kind of storm, when it appears in India and ​​China Sea, is called typhoon. 
The common name for both disasters is "tropical storm".
The area affected by the hurricane usually ranges from 150 to 600 kilometers in diameter, and hurricane winds reach speeds between 100 and 180 kilometers per hour (60 - 112 miles per hour). 
A special feature of the hurricane is that it has a quiet central part, called the "eye", with a diameter of between 8 and 25 kilometers (5 - 15 miles). 
When the "eye" crosses over an area, winds are almost dying. Sometimes it deceives people and urges them to believe that the disaster has passed. However, when the "eye" storm passes, the winds begin to blow with the same strength as before, only from the opposite direction, as the hurricane is a storm with winds that have circular motion.

The second storm of this kind is a Tornado, which varies from hurricane because its diameter is only a few hundred meters, and not more than 2 kilometers. Tornado is most commonly found in the central Mississippi River Valley in the United States. In the greater part of the area affected by the storm, a tornado appears as a black cloud of a powdery form. The area that can be touched by the tornado is several kilometers long and a few hundred meters wide - but on its way, a tornado destroys everything it finds.