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All Natural Detox Cleanse - How to cleanse your body?

Human body is like a wonderful machine, in which each part has a special job to do. But in order for each part to work properly and in harmony with all the other parts, we must take care of our body.
To stay healthy, you need to eat meals that contain a balanced choice of foods. You need to take some kind of exercise regularly. And you must also rest, to allow your body to regain energy. It is important that you wash and keep yourself clean, to reduce the chances of catching a disease or an infection.

Eating the right foods

Many people are lucky enough to be able to eat all the right foods they need to keep alive and healthy. While you are growing, you need plenty of protein. This is found in foods such as fish, meat, milk, eggs, beans, and nuts. You also need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. You should eat regular meals and not go for long periods of time without eating.

Taking regular exercise

As well as eating the right foods, you must keep your muscles and joints healthy by doing lots of exercise. Regular exercise keeps your body strong and fit. It keeps the blood vessels healthy and makes the blood reach every part of your body. It helps you avoid putting on extra weight. The best exercise comes from cycling, running, walking, or swimming.

Keeping clean

Make sure you keep yourself and your surroundings clean. This will help prevent bacteria, viruses, protists, and larger invaders from spreading through the environment and infecting you and others. Daily washing keeps your body free from dirt and prevents skin infections. The areas of your house where you eat and wash should always be kept clean.

Preventing illness

You can also be protected against some illnesses by being vaccinated. You can have vaccinations which will make you immune to certain viruses, such as measles, tuberculosis, and polio. There are laws that require vaccinations. If schools don’t offer a program of vaccination, then parents see to their own children.
Make sure you clean your teeth every day. Don’t eat too many sugary foods, because they harm your teeth. It’s a good idea to visit a dentist and have your teeth checked regularly.


Everyone needs sleep. Although the norm is eight hours a day, some people may need more, and others may require less. Sleep helps your body to recuperate, particularly the brain and the nervous system. Without sleep, you have less energy and feel tired. After hard work or exercise, you need to rest and relax. Relaxation can be just as important as sleep in helping you keep healthy.

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