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How Do Broken Bones Heal?

Human bones are so strong that it is a wonder that they ever break! Bone can bear a load, 30 times greater than brick can bear.

What is the strongest bone in your body?

The strongest bone in the body is the jaw. It can withstand a load of 1,600 kg (3527 Pounds).
However, the bone is sometimes broken by the action of strong force.

Types of bone fractures

Each fracture has a name, depending on how the bone was broken.
  • If it is cracked at one part of its surface, so that its ends are still connected, then it cracks or incomplete fracture. 
  • If the bone is completely broken in two, it's an easy or simple fracture. When the bone is broken in more than two, then it's a complex fracture. 
  • Finally, if parts of broken bones go through the muscles and skin, it is an open fracture.

Bone fracture healing process

Setting parts of a broken bone is like gluing the pieces of a broken saucer.
Parts of broken bones must be set next to each other so that they touch. But the doctor does not use any glue.
Connective tissue cells of the bone parts multiply and connect broken bone.
Bone tissue has great ability of self repetition.
Bone fractures, its parts and soft tissue, muscles and blood vessels around the fracture are torn or injured.
One part of the injured tissue dies.
The whole environment of fractures, which includes bone pieces and soft tissue is soaked in clotted blood and lymph.
Just a few moments after the break, the young connective tissue cells begin to appear in the clotted mass. This is the first step in the healing of fractures.
These cells multiply quickly and soon after them accumulates calcium.
For 72 to 96 hours after the break they create a tissue that connects the ends of the bones.
In the newly created tissue its accumulated more calcium than usual.
Calcium helps to re-create the hard bone, which gradually, over several months, develop into normal bone. Fractures of the limbs is usually put a cast, which prevents bone moving, and keeps broken parts together touching.

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