Why do we Need Salt - Importance of Salt in Human Body

The human body contains about 60 percent water. Many of our organs have an incredibly high percentage of water.
For example, the muscles are about 70 percent water, the same percentage of the liver, the brain  -  79%, and 83 percent the kidneys.
But the body fluid is not pure water.
This is actually a salt solution.
For what?
According to one scientific theory, all land animals, including man, descended from organisms that lived in the sea.
Bodily fluid of living creatures was seawater. When these creatures moved to the mainland, in their bodies remained sea water, but the land was not able to provide enough salt naturally.
Plants growing on the land does not contain enough salt.
Therefore, animals that feed on plants - herbivores - are in need of salt.

Why do we need salt?

The body of every-day loses a certain amount of liquid containing salt and plant foods do not compensate this.
However, animals that feed on the flesh - carnivores - do not feel such need for additional salt.
They are sufficient quantities of salt in the meat of their victims.
This is also true for humans. Eskimos, for example, eat mainly meat and therefore do not require any special intake of salt.

Residents of inland always look for more salt than those who inhabit the sea.
In Mexico, the salt was once upon a time considered so valuable that it even existed god salt.
And in Europe, in ancient times, human labor was paid with salt.
The salt of the human body accumulates mainly in the skin. If one person is on a diet food and does not take salt, the blood will lose salt through various ways of excretion. Then the skin must give the blood its reserves of salt, because salt concentration in the blood has to be constant. Assignment of salt reserves sometimes has beneficial effect in cases of some diseases.
Therefore, a diets that exclude salt are often recommended to ill people.
Salt is eliminated mainly trough kidneys.
If the kidneys develop a disease, patients are prohibited from taking salt to thereby reduce kidney function.