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How Do We Grow and What are the Stages of Human Development

How do we Grow?

One feature of the living things is growth.

By growth the living being improves its composition and functions.
The most important factors that cause growth are hereditary and can be found in embryo of the human being.

Different stages of human development

Human beings and animals go through several stages of development. These are:
  • embryonic stage (in the womb), 
  • period of the infant, 
  • childhood, 
  • adolescence, 
  • adulthood an
  • old age.
Some creatures barely have early childhood. Some birds, for example, can fly as soon as they hatch. Guinea pig is able to take care of itself, on the third day after the arrival in the world.
A human being is fully grown until approximately twenty years!
From the first moment the newborn has all those nerve cells that will have in a lifetime: the brain and the peripheral. Development of connections between these neurons allows the child to control his movements, to enter and act as a social being.
How Do We Grow and What are the Stages of Human Development

All human beings grow in a similar way, but there are some important differences between children of different sexes.
Boys and girls undergo the same path, but in different ways and at different speeds.
During the first few weeks after birth, the body is growing faster than ever later in life.
Already at the end of the first year it grows slowly, and throughout childhood quite moderate.
At the end of childhood, the growth rate starts to accelerate. This period in girls occurs usually between the eleventh and thirteen year, and in boys between twelve and fourteen. For a while they grow until they reach the maximum growth rate.
Then the growth rate begins to decline, until the moment when growth stops completely.
Growth in height and weight usually do not go at the same time.
First, human increase in height, and then we gain weight.

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