North and South Pole - areas with more differences than similarities

North and South Pole areas for most people are real secret. Most people have a vague idea on these areas and imagine them as areas very similar to each other.
It is strange that between the Antarctic areas (South Pole) and Arctic areas (areas of the North Pole) there are more differences than similarities!
The area of the South Pole is mainly composed of the continent called Antarctica. This continent covered with snow and ice, has an area larger than Europe. In contrast, the North Pole area consists of the Arctic Ocean, surrounded by the shores of North America, Europe and Asia.
Other big difference is that the man, animals and plants gradually migrated northward in the North Pole area, adapting to the polar environment, but on the area of the South Pole, which is separated with hundreds of kilometers of ocean from all continents except South America, there are no land animals or people.
Plant life is there so poor that there only grow lichens, algae, grasses and some other plants. Penguins have a very nice life in this area, because here they have no natural enemies to fight with.
Arctic (orthographic projection)

And what is the climate?

In the Antarctic there is low temperature, even in summer, and in winter the biggest blizzard in the world.
In the area of the North Pole from the surrounding water there are rising air currents which keep the temperature is a little higher.
But in Antarctica, which is mainly covered by vast ice cover, a huge mass of cold high pressure air are created, so the climate is much sharper than the climate in the North Pole.
Even during the summer months the average temperature in Antarctica is below the frozing temperature of water!
From time to time, during some summer days, the temperature is known to climb to about 4 degrees above zero.
The winter average temperature at the South Pole ranges from – 20 C (-4 F) to -35 C (-31 F)!
In Antarctica the lowest ever recorded temperature was - 88 ° C (-126,4 F) !