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Contour Plowing definition - What is Contour Plowing?

The land that we need for growing food is very important. We can't afford to spoil it.

There are many ways in which farmers could make better use of the land and grow good crops without the help of factory-made chemicals.

If it is farmed with care, the land will go on giving us enough food to eat for thousands of years to come.


Sometimes, surface soil, or topsoil, is washed away by rain. This is called water erosion. Farmers can help prevent water erosion by plowing across a slope instead of up and down it.

This is called contour plowing. 

If it rains, water does not run down the hill, washing away soil as it goes.
Instead, it is caught in the furrows and soaks in, leaving the soil behind. Contour plowing also prevents streams from getting blocked by washed-away soil, thus flooding low-lying land.

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