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What is a Rainbow and How does a Rainbow form?

The Rainbow is one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature and people since long time ago wanted to know more about it.
Even Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, tried to explain the appearance of the rainbow.

What are the colors in the rainbow?

Sunlight, or the ordinary white light is actually a mixture of all colors.
We have all seen what happens when light falls on the edge of a mirror or a soap bubble. The white light is refracted in different colors, so we see red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
The object which in this way can also break the light is called "optical prism".
Colors which then occur create a striped ribbon, and each color gradually turns into the next.
This is called "color spectrum" and the rainbow is one "perfect" example.

How does a Rainbow form?

Created by breaking up the sunshine through the rain drops, Raindrops act like prisms.
The can be seen only during heavy rain, when at the same time it rains and the sun is shining.
If we are then in the middle, so the sun is behind us, and the rain is in front of us, then we can see rainbow! Over our shoulder the sun is shining and falls on the raindrops, which refract light and convert it into range or spectrum colors.
The sun, our eyes and the center of the rainbow must be in a straight line.
When the sun is too high, that straight line can’t be achieved, therefore the rainbow can only be seen in the early morning or late afternoon.
Morning rainbow means that the sun shines in the west and the rain falls in the east.
Superstitious people once believed that the rainbow is a bad sign.
They thought that the souls of the dead climb up to heaven trough the rainbow and that when it appears, someone will die.
Some people believe that if you pass under the rainbow, you will find a big fortune.

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