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What are the Five Senses? - The Human Body for Kids

Sense organs are specially developed parts of your body.
For example, each of your eyes has a retina for detecting light.
And each of your ears has a cochlea for detecting sounds.

Can you name the “five senses”? 

Try to name them before reading further.
These senses send information to the brain.
There are special parts in the brain that sort out this information.
It is then passed to other parts of the brain, which can compare information from different sense organs. Your brain then signals what you are:
  • seeing, 
  • hearing, 
  • smelling, 
  • tasting, and 
  • touching. 
These five senses allow you to know what is in your physical environment.
What are the Five Senses
What are the Five Senses?

The hidden senses

Another set of senses, of which you are unaware of most of the time, helps control your inner organs. 
These senses control the timing and movement of food through your body.
They measure the amount of sugar and salt in your blood.
They regulate the amount of oxygen that’s taken in.
Your body temperature and the fullness of your bladder are also under the control of these senses.
Without your awareness, your body is always receiving messages from your hidden senses.
They keep all these basic processes, such as breathing and digestion, running smoothly.

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