Preventing Communicable Diseases - important things to remember

Preventing Communicable Diseases - important things to remember

There are several government and private agencies that are concerned with the public health.
They help prevent disease by purifying local water supplies, overseeing garbage disposal, keeping sewers in working order, and trying to control environmental pollution.
Doctors and hospitals provide many services that help in disease prevention, too.
But there are many ways in which you can also help to prevent disease. 
Here are some important things to remember that will help protect you and your family from disease.


Houseflies spread diseases when they land on food. Keep food covered up if there are flies about.


Pets can spread some diseases.
Do not let a pet eat from your plate or lick your face around the mouth.
Be careful about animal feces, too.
If your pet uses part of the garden as a toilet, do not handle the soil there without gloves.

Washing your hands

Many microbes are spread by feces.
However careful you are, you get some microbes on your hands when you go to the toilet.
Always wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.


Don’t drink water from streams and rivers.
Never drink pond or lake water.
Before you swim anywhere, make sure that the water is free from harmful substances.
If there is doubt don’t go swimming.

Coughs and sneezes

If you sneeze when you have a cold, you are showering everyone around you with thousands of microbes. Cover your mouth when you cough, and sneeze into a handkerchief.

Keeping it to yourself

If you have a disease that can spread, try not to pass it on to anyone else!
Stay away from other people as much as you can, until you are better.

Cuts and scratches

Be careful with cuts and scratches because they are open to microbes.
Cover them up with a band aid, especially if you are touching soil or swimming in a river.
Cover up cuts if you are preparing food, because microbes can spread to the food.


Always wash your hands before touching food.
Always cook meat thoroughly.
Do not keep cooked food for too long before eating it.
Never store raw meat so that it can touch, or drip onto, cooked meat.
It’s a good idea to wash fruit and vegetables with clean water before you store them in the refrigerator or eat them.
If you have a vegetable garden, don’t let pets use it as a toilet.