Cervical erosion is an abnormal change in the tissue of the surface wall of the cervix, the neck portion of the uterus. Natural healing of the disorder involves the downward growth of tissue cells from the endocervical canal.
But it is not uncommon for healing to be incomplete and for the area to become ulcerated.
This may cause an abnormal discharge from the vagina and occasional bleeding, particularly after sexual intercourse.

What causes cervical erosion?

Infection in the vagina, the stimulus to hormone production resulting from pregnancy, or the use of birth control pills may cause cervical erosion.

Cervical erosion treatment

A physician may introduce an antiseptic and antibiotic compound into the vagina to kill the infection and allow the cervical cells to regrow. If this fails, cautery of the damaged area is the usual treatment. This does not usually require hospitalization.
A woman should not have sexual intercourse until a further physical examination confirms that the area has healed properly.