Athlete's foot, or tinea pedis, is a chronic surface infection of the foot caused by any of a number of fungi.
It is characterized by itching, cracking, and small blisters between the toes.
Pain and irritation may accompany the infection.
The fungus grows on moist skin and is usually transmitted in places where people walk barefoot, such as communal showers and swimming pools.
The wearing of confining footwear, such as sneakers, may also induce the infection.
The disorder is more prevalent among adults.
On the body, similar infections to Athlete's foot can appear between the legs (tinea cruris), on the face, under the arms, in the scalp (tinea capitis), and in the beard area (tinea barbae).

Athlete's foot treatment

Athlete's foot is usually treated with antifungal lotions, ointments, or powders available without prescription.
Finding the most suitable treatment is largely a matter of trial and error.
It is important that the infected area be kept dry.
Care should be taken to wipe off all moisture after bathing or swimming.
If home treatment fails, or if an abscess forms, a health professional should be consulted.