Pepper, Red or Cayenne for Flu

Make a tea of red pepper or cayenne, and take a tablespoonful in a cup of hot water, drink slowly, before each meal and on retiring.
Larger doses in proportion to the intensity of the disease." Sponging the face, temples and neck with water as hot as can be borne relieves the headache, which is often very painful and annoying.

Easy Remedy for Flu

Plenty of good physic with hot teas of any kind has helped my own family.

Pleasant and Effective Remedy for Flu

Use the oil of peppermint freely; rubbing it on the forehead, in front and back of the ears and each side of the nose. Inhale through each nostril separately. If the throat is affected pour two or three drops in small dish of hot water.
Invert a funnel over the dish with the small end in the mouth and draw long breaths. Soak the feet in hot water at bedtime and take a good sweat, if possible."

To Allay Fever in Flu

To produce sweating and to act on the kidneys and to allay restlessness in fever use the following: Lemon juice and water equal parts, enough to make four ounces; bicarbonate of potassium, one dram; water, three ounces.
Make and keep in separate solutions to be used in tablespoonful doses several times daily and taken while effervescing, that is, foaming and bubbling up."

Poor Man's Herb Vapor Bath for Flu

Give a Turkish or vapor bath every other day. A pail of hot water, with a hot brick thrown into it and placed under a cane-seated chair is the poor man's vapor bath.
The patient should be covered. Then take the following herb tea:
  • Yarrow    2 ounces
  • Vervain    2 ounces
  • Mullein     2 ounces
  • Boneset     1 ounce
  • Red Sage     2 ounces
Add two quarts of water and boil down to three pints; strain, and then add one ounce fluid extract of ginger; sweeten with honey or syrup; take a wine glassful three times a day, hot. Keep the bowels open and let the diet be light."

Red Pepper Treatment From Canada for Flu

Take a bottle of alcohol and put enough red peppers in it so that when four drops of this liquid are put in a half cup of water it tastes strong. This is what I always break up my grippe with." Peppers thus prepared stimulates and warms up the stomach and bowels, and increases the circulation.
Excerpt from the book:
Over One Thousand Tried and Tested Remedies from Mothers of the United States and Canada.